L'équipe du MASK vous invite à plonger dans un univers libertin chic et onirique, au sein d'un club d'un nouveau genre, exclusivement réservé aux couples libertins amateurs ou initiés, dont la décoration raffinée dans un style directoire revisité vous transportera corps et âme vers de nouvelles expériences sensuelles.


The team here at MASK invite you to enter our elegant, glamorous and dreamlike atmosphere within our new kind of club exclusively reserved for the amateur or introduced libertine couples, the understated and new modern décor will transport you body and soul towards new sensual experiences.

Whether you are a first time or regular customer, here in MASK you will feel protected and cherished and completely at home, allow yourself to succumb to the comfort of our large lounge, to the conviviality of the cocktail bar, enjoy the intimacy of the small lounges and naughty corners and give way to your fantasies in the playful alcoves.

In the steps of the Empress Josephine and Maitresse of Barras, our team will welcome you and guide you through our multiplicity of areas and subdued ambiences, where you may come in alone or in a group…..whether full of laughter and party spirit or maybe for an illicit naughty afternoon or a bold sparkling evening full of elegance, respect and conviviality.

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