L'équipe du MASK vous invite à plonger dans un univers libertin chic et onirique, au sein d'un club d'un nouveau genre, exclusivement réservé aux couples libertins amateurs ou initiés, dont la décoration raffinée dans un style directoire revisité vous transportera corps et âme vers de nouvelles expériences sensuelles.


The basic rules at MASK, the libertine club:

+ Amusement
+ Conviviality
+ Respect
+ Rendezvous
+ Courtesy
+ Hygiene
+ Discretion etConfidentiality
Seul club parisien réservé aux couples
Every person who does not conform to these rules will definitively be excluded from our club.

Concerning condoms:

At MASK the wearing of condoms is obligatory, standard condoms are discretely provided by our team.
Dress elegantly to express your desires !

MASK introduces you to a smart and muted atmosphere where all dissonance and cares are banished. So that our door will be opened wide for you the magic word in terms of dress code is elegance and as everyone has their own ideas what that is, here are some rules and guidelines :

+ Ladies, forget trousers and other male attire, in MASK we will celebrate femininity:
Heels, dresses or skirts will always be welcomed. Think fine lingerie on satin sheets this is the feel at MASK. Ladies get ready to be beautiful and desirable.

+ Sirs, if suits are not your thing remember that fine long sleeved shirts with a collar will be your Sesame!
Now, your MASKS!

If the wearing of masks is not obligatory they are strongly recommended to project a mysterious air of magic and at the same time a playful atmosphere which is conducive to the expression of fantasies and of course, naughty games. At MASK pleasure is also to be tasted through the eyes!
The directors here at MASK reserve the right to refuse entrance to any person not conforming to our dress code or to any of our rules.