L'équipe du MASK vous invite à plonger dans un univers libertin chic et onirique, au sein d'un club d'un nouveau genre, exclusivement réservé aux couples libertins amateurs ou initiés, dont la décoration raffinée dans un style directoire revisité vous transportera corps et âme vers de nouvelles expériences sensuelles.


You would like to cross to the” other side of the mirror” but you are feeling intimidated by the presence of strangers.

At MASK our team know exactly how to put you at ease and will help you to take your first steps in overcoming your apprehension and inhibitions to go beyond any taboos.

At MASK, nothing is imposed, you are free to simply discover our establishment by taking advantage of our conviviality and atmosphere.

The simple fact of being masked itself will allow you to forget your shyness and allow you to melt into our selected, playful and naughty atmosphere in the security of our new kind of libertine club.
About enjoying the libertine and swapping life style :

To be a libertine: live a life style of sophisticated sexuality freed from the limits of traditional and bourgeois moral attitudes.

To be an exchanger also known as swapping: you agree to the temporary exchange of your partner freeing yourself and them to enjoy sexual intercourse.

To be “free mixing”: you agree to have sexual intercourse with the other partners within the view of the other couples.

The difference between swapping and being “free mixing”: free mixing sometimes accepts sexual touching from outside the couple but without penetration.

Couples who exclude any contact other than watching or being watched are sometimes referred to as “coasting”- in French they are known as a-cotistes.

By extension swapping or exchanging is considered a way of bringing a certain revival within the couple, it brings a new dimension to a couple’s sex life which sometimes has become routine and lacking in excitement due to the stresses and constraints of everyday life.

Libertine practices bring a new excitement to a couple’s sexual life by allowing both to share a new sexual experience together and by the sharing of their own sexual fantasies.
Seul club parisien réservé aux couples